Tree Surgery Services in Epsom

Tree Surgeons in Epsom

Looking for skilled arborists in Epsom? Our dedicated team comprises tree care specialists committed to delivering top-notch services tailored to your needs. Whether you need cutting, shaping, taking away, or any other help with your trees, we're here to give you expert advice and lend a hand.

At South East Treecare, we take pride in our reputation for delivering exceptional customer service. Count our expert team for all your tree care needs in the KT17 area. Experience the difference of working with genuine professionals who genuinely care about the health and aesthetics of your trees and the satisfaction of our clients.

What we offer:

What we offer:

Surveys & Inspections

We specialise in offering competitive and practical tree surgery and survey solutions to a wide range of clients, including architects, property developers, planning consultants, local authorities, independent schools, facility and residential management companies, insurers, and homeowners.

In Chessington, we do thorough checks on trees and make special reports that fit different needs. This involves evaluating trees in relation to development and construction, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards, conducting thorough inventory surveys, and addressing concerns such as subsidence and potential property damage.

Health Assessment: Our team of certified arborists diligently inspects your trees to detect indications of diseases, pests, or structural issues.

Safety Evaluation: We perform detailed safety evaluations of your trees, pinpointing potential hazards such as weak limbs or overhanging branches.

Recommendations: Based on our evaluations, we provide precise recommendations for tree maintenance, including pruning, disease treatments, or any other necessary measures.

Stump Grinding

Upgrade your outdoor space! Say goodbye to those ugly tree stumps that ruin the beauty of your yard with our excellent stump grinding services. At Southeast Tree Care, we specialise in quick and safe stump removal, making sure your property looks beautiful and clean.

Leaving tree stumps can cause many problems. New shoots can keep popping up from the trunk and roots, which can be annoying. Even worse, old stumps can hide root diseases like the harmful honey fungus, which can harm your plants.

Don't risk dealing with pests, diseases, or unwanted plants. Choose stump removal by Southeast Tree Care to quickly replant and refresh your yard.

Tree Surgery

Ensuring your outdoor space stays healthy, safe, and beautiful relies on proper tree care. Our tree surgery services in Epsom cover important areas:

Tree Pruning and Trimming: Keeping trees healthy involves removing sick, dead, or crowded branches. Our skilled team does this carefully to help trees grow well and look their best.

Tree Removal: Sometimes, trees become unsafe because of storms, overgrowth, or damage. We can remove them safely using top techniques and equipment, causing minimal disruption to your property.

Crown Thinning: This process involves carefully removing some branches from the top of the tree. It helps light reach the tree better, reduces wind resistance, and improves air flow, keeping the tree healthy while maintaining its shape.

Crown Lifting: We skilfully remove lower branches to create space for buildings, driveways, or paths. By choosing the right branches, we improve visibility and make the area look nicer.

Crown Reduction: Sometimes, when a tree grows too big or becomes risky due to its size, reducing its size is necessary. Our experts trim the tree to make it smaller while keeping its natural shape. This is especially helpful in small spaces or near buildings and power lines, promoting healthy new growth.

Safety Comes First: We prioritise safety to protect your property and our team during every job.

With a skilled team of tree surgeons and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, Southeast Tree Care aims to exceed your expectations in all tree pruning, trimming, and removal tasks. Count on us to improve the health, safety, and beauty of your outdoor area with our thorough tree care services.

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