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An Unsafe Ash Tree Removal Project

Comprehensive Management of an Unsafe Ash Tree Removal Project

Customer Background:

There was a concern about an unsafe ash tree, the tree exhibited signs of instability, prompting to seek professional assistance for a thorough assessment of its health and structure, this is where Southeast tree care stepped in. The objective was to determine potential risks associated with the tree and, if necessary, safely fell it to ground level while ensuring efficient debris removal.


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a. Tree Assessment: Southeast tree care conducted a detailed assessment of the ash tree. They examined the tree's overall health, structural integrity, and identified potential risks. The assessment included a close examination of the tree's trunk, branches, and root system to ensure a comprehensive understanding of its condition.

b. Outlined Plan: Based on the assessment, a customised plan was developed, considering factors like the tree's size, proximity to structures, and identified risks. The plan addressed the challenge of limited access, requiring the strategic removal of a fence panel to ensure a safe operation.

c. Risk Management: With limited access due to the fence panel, Southeast Tree Care implemented a targeted risk management strategy. Careful planning ensured safe fence panel removal, providing necessary access for tree removal. Safety measures, including barriers and warning signs, secured the work area.

d. Project Timeline (1/2 Day): To accommodate the customer, Southeast tree care provided a project timeline aiming to complete the entire operation within half a day. The timeline included allowances for the tree assessment, development of the plan, fence panel removal, tree felling, and debris removal.

Issues Faced: The primary challenge faced during the project was the limited access to the tree. To address this, the team had to strategically remove a fence panel to ensure a safe and unobstructed path for the tree felling operation.

Despite the unforeseen challenge of the fence panel removal, the project proceeded without any changes to the plan and timeline. They successfully felled the unsafe ash tree to ground level, and the debris removal was conducted efficiently.

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