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Overgrown Willow Tree

Successful Pollarding of Overgrown Willow Tree

Customer Background:

Southeast tree care was contacted to address the overgrown condition of a Willow tree on a customer’s property. The tree had grown extensively, affecting the garden's posing potential risks. The solution was to trim the tree back to its previous points and remove debris.


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a. Assessment of the Tree’s Health: Southeast tree care conducted a thorough assessment of the Willow tree. They examined the tree's health, identifying any signs of disease, decay, or structural issues. The goal was to ensure that the pollarding process would contribute to the overall health and longevity of the tree.

b. Pollarding for New Healthy Growth: The primary objective was to pollard the Willow tree, promoting new healthy growth, maintaining a desired shape, and ensuring the safety of the surrounding area. Pollarding, when done correctly, allows for controlled regrowth and helps extend the life of the tree. Southeast tree care aimed to strike a balance between reducing the tree's size and preserving its health.

c. Documentation of Size and Location: The team documented the size and specific location of the Willow tree to ensure accurate execution of the pollarding process. This information served as a reference point for future maintenance and allowed for a systematic approach to shaping the tree.

d. Risk Management: Southeast tree care then implemented a robust risk management strategy to address potential challenges associated with the pollarding process. This included securing the work area to prevent falling debris from posing a risk to property or individuals.

e. Project Timeline: A detailed project timeline was provided to the customer, outlining each phase of the operation. This included the assessment, pollarding process, and debris removal. The timeline aimed to efficiently complete the project while minimising disruptions to the homeowner's routine.

The pollarding process was executed as planned, and the outcome met the customer’s expectations. The Willow tree showed healthy regrowth, achieving the desired shape and size. Debris removal was completed efficiently, leaving the back garden free of any potential hazards.

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